Mavericks Club is a one-of-a kind community that will support your personal and professional growth. We want you to love Monday morning AND Friday afternoon! It’s about finding the kind of fulfillment that makes you want to bring your best to everything you do. We help you focus on what’s most important to you, whether it’s getting that next promotion or finding balance.

People who are willing to invest in changing their lives and changing the world to make it a more brave and loving place are best suited for this community. 

We go deep and build lasting relationships with one another. As a result, you may find that the way you engage with your loved ones, friends and colleagues changes. You may find that your ability to lead and influence within your place of work changes. You may also find that your capacity to for bravery, courage and love expands. 

Each member is hand-chosen for their commitment to building this type of community. Don't sign up for the club just because you would love to have valuable leadership skills, although you will gain that. Only apply if you want to experience and contribute to a community of leaders full of grace, courage and bravery.

Mavericks Club is an investment in yourself and to one another. We will accept only those applicants who can respond with a resounding YES and demonstrate their desire for growth through community. 

Are you a heart-centered and growth-oriented leader of people?
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