Are You A...
Do you want to reach new levels of personal & professional
growth at work and at home? 
Are You Sick And Tired Of The 
Work/Life Hamster Wheel? 

Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not Anymore. 
With our signature MAVERICK METHOD® FOR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH it is possible to LOVE Monday morning AND Friday afternoon!


Work Life Balance

Team Productivity

Less Stress

Happier Life

BEFORE joining Mavericks Club®...

Our members usually experience many of the
following things when it comes to 
their personal and professional life 

  • Experience a heavier slant towards work on the work-life balance scale and because of that they experience more stress than they want. Sometimes this results in disruptions to their sleep or they may find difficulty sticking to new lifestyle habits they want to develop (or a number of other unhealthy patterns)
  • ​Are mostly satisfied in their life and career, but, sometimes they wonder if there is more to experience and want to change up some things so they can reach their greatest potential
  • ​Have self-confidence in most areas of their lives, but sometimes have moments of self-doubt and insecurity as a leader or in their peer group
  • ​Find themselves putting out fires most days instead of doing more of what they love
  • Make enough money in their job, but wonder if they could be earning more and aren’t sure how to get it
  • ​Experience elevated levels of stress when thinking about all of the work piling up (especially while on vacation) and they find themselves experiencing stress with tough conversations they may need to have with colleagues/bosses/direct reports at work
  • ​Serve or work on teams that are generally performing well, but there are a few employees or colleagues they just can't figure out
  • ​Sometimes struggle to find alignment or time for all of the things they want to accomplish in life and want to contribute to the world in greater ways
  • ​Frequently crave more ME time because they give so much of themselves to their family and their work
  • Miss more soccer games, family picnics or girls/guys weekends than they'd like...
If you resonate with some (or all) of these statements, it's OK and you are not alone!
Mavericks Club is FOR YOU! 
Only $197/Month
But wait...
Before committing to your 1 year membership, you can try Mavericks Club for only $97 for the first 30 days. 
If your life is functioning well overall, but you are ready to develop specific goals that will help you reach new levels of personal and professional growth so you can earn more money, have better relationships and improve your overall wellness at work and at home...
MC is an exclusive opportunity available for “Heart-Centered Leaders” that want to skyrocket their potential within their company while living a life they love!

Do you long to...
  • Have learning opportunities and structures that bring a higher level of peace and wellness to your work and home?
  • ​Position yourself for more promotions, raises and responsibility throughout your career?
  • ​Lead with purpose and authenticity at work and at home?
  • ​Receive growth-oriented feedback that leads to personal evolution? 
  • ​Finally hold space to dream about your future self?
  • ​Know where your blind spots keep inhibiting your ability to influence?
  • ​Consistently align your choices with your values? 
  • ​Maximize your contribution to the world?
  • ​Know how to leverage your unique strengths?
  • ​Be part of a safe and inclusive community where you can be inspired, valued, challenged and encouraged?
  • ​Wake up to a life you love?
This is for you if...

It's time for you to:

  • Stop sacrificing your personal life for a successful career?
  • ​Leverage your strengths and manage around your weaknesses?
  • ​Add time back into your calendar?
  • ​Create and implement boundaries that serve yourself, your family and your company
  • ​Build capacity in your team and peers so they can do the jobs they are designed to do?
  • ​Experience a healthier mindset, a healthier body and happier relationships?
  • ​Align high achieving behaviors with beliefs that serve you well?
  • ​Actually rest while you’re on vacation?
  • ​Love Monday morning AND Friday afternoon?

You want to:

  • Own your career
  • ​Apply practical tools for leading people better
  • ​Make more money & take more vacations
  • ​Elevate your influence
  • ​Have more energy
  • ​Feel clear minded, calm & have peace of mind
  • ​Be fully present at work AND at home

Stop waiting around for someone else to invest in your talents…take control of your growth, NOW!

Here's How It Works...


Apply For Your 30-Day Trial Membership


Participate In The 
Private Community


Experience Levels Of  Growth Like Never Before

Try it for 30-days. You’ve got nothing to lose.
When I think about the qualities that make Valeyne the best coach I’ve ever worked with, it’s hard to limit them to a paragraph. She is a tireless worker who gives her all to any organization, team or individual she is working with. She is intuitive, passionate, collaborative, caring, and dedicated to getting to the best outcome and business results. She leads without you realizing you are being led and builds trust effortlessly.
Kristen - Head of Human Resources
Val is an intuitive listener. She asks questions that get right to the root of what is holding you back. She couples compassion and support with enough challenge to push you to the goals you might otherwise be too scared to reach. Her belief in you is real; Val will call out your talent and teach you to channel your strengths. If you're ready to grow, Val will help make it happen.
Hannah - Educator & Coach
Let’s break it all down.
  • ​18 Group Coaching Sessions with Like-Minded Professionals Per Year (1 Hour each)
  • ​9 MasterClasses Per Year (1 Hour each)
  • ​2 - 60 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Valeyne
  • ​Exclusive Facebook Group for increased networking and in-the-moment support
  • ​Exclusive Voxer Group for increased networking and additional support
  • ​Expertise from a PCC, ICF Credentialed High-Performance Leadership Coach and Human Resources expert and Coach Trainer with Awaken Coach Institute
  • ​A safe and inclusive community where you can be inspired, valued, challenged and encouraged
  • ​1-30 Minute Calibration Session with Val upon completion of your 30-Day Trial
  • ​Access to “The Maverick Vault”* - On-demand access to all previous workshops and future workshops for as long as you are a member. (*In development)
Mavericks Club is FOR YOU! 
Only $197/Month
But wait....
Before committing to your 1 year membership, you can try Mavericks Club for only $97 for the first 30 days. 

career and your life are endless!
What Is An Agora Maverick?
We believe the world needs more 'Mavericks' to see the change
we all want at work & at home.
And no, we’re NOT talking about Top Gun.
Agora Mavericks:
  • ​Do what’s right, for our family, our team, our company AND for ourselves
  • ​Take calculated risks
  • ​Are true to ourselves
  • ​Are catalysts for change
  • ​Know when to break the rules
  • ​Have willful independence and are not easily swayed
  • ​Have leadership courage and confidence to approach others’ strong-willed opinions
  • ​Have a desire to make a mark
  • ​Are top performers and high-achievers known for excellence and getting it done
How Will I Grow?
You'll be ready to:
  • ​Become agents for change and make a meaningful difference at work and at home
  • ​Increase your confidence to be better positioned for more promotions and more money
  • ​Build or serve on top-performing teams worthy of trust
  • ​Successfully lead and work with various personality types and feel confident in making tough talent decisions
  • ​Easily deliver feedback that is both caring & accountable
  • ​Define/refine the vision for your teams
  • ​Leverage your strengths to add value to your teams
  • ​Maximize your earning, growth and contribution potential
Is There A Guarantee?
Overall work/life results are dependent on your personal investment in the community, your intentional application of the materials and most importantly, your commitment. You can trust that your Coach will be actively present, engaged and supportive of your goals. Additionally, each member completes an application before participating in the community and then a calibration call after the 30-day trial period is completed. This assures that you are in like-minded community with people that will be an advocate for your personal and professional growth. 
What's Next?
It's simple. Click the button to apply for your 30-day trial. We can't wait to meet you! During your trial we will be able to experience whether or not being part of
Mavericks Club (MC) is a mutual fit.  

At the end of your first 30-days you will receive a complimentary 30 minute calibration call with Val. If at the end of that session we both agree that your goals align with the intention of the community, you'll be accepted to begin your annual membership!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
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